Nitrogen oxide (NOx) converter SCC-K

February 19, 2021 By admin


nitrogen oxide (NOx)


The SCC-K Converter is used when NOX (the total of NO plus NO2) is measured in emission monitoring systems. It converts NO2 to the component of interest NO.


Catalyst cartridge can be replaced from the front without any tools
Long catalyst service life
Manual switching between NO and NOX without requiring solenoid valves
Heated version for installing the converter upstream of the sample gas cooler (no NO2 loss)

General specifications:
Carbon-molybdenum-based catalytic converter
Long service life of catalyst
Efficienty > 95 %
Operating temperature adjustable from +50 °C to +700 °C
Version with heated sample inlet available as an option
Dimensions: 19″ width, 3 height units
IP 20