Measuring converter LINETRAXX® CTUB103

February 23, 2021 By admin


voltage/current, measuring


The AC/DC sensitive measuring current transformers of the CTUB103 series convert system leakage and fault currents into an evaluable measurement signal. The devices are suitable for detecting fault currents with smooth DC components. They consist of a CTBC… measuring current transformer core and a CTUB103 electronic module, which can be combined to suit the application. The measuring current transformers can be used in DC, AC and 3(N)AC systems as well as in high-resistance grounded systems for monitoring the star point. The evaluation in resistance grounded systems is carried out with devices of the NGRM… series, to which the measuring current transformers are connected.

Multicolour LED for operation, fault and status messages
Electronic module can be exchanged without mechanical separation of the primary conductors
Monitoring of the connection to the measuring current transformer
Evaluator: NGRM500, NGRM700