Managed network switch PRS

January 26, 2021 By admin


Number of ports
2 port
DIN rail-mounted
Other characteristics
redundant, RS-485, compact


In times of just in time production as well as increased safety requirements plants have to imply redundancy. In case of failure of the operational system the complete control function must be taken over by a stand-by system. The optimal solution is PRS – PROFIBUS DP Redundancy Switch

PRS is a compact 24 Volt hat rail module containing the switching logic as well as an intelligent double DP Slave. The device allows the connection of two DP Masters and the PROFIBUS connection to the DP Slaves. The Switch controls the status of the operational DP Master system on the PROFIBUS protocol and application level.In case of failure of the operational Master the device physically switches over to the stand-by Master, which seamlessly takes over the DP Slaves.

In contrast to the established Flying Master principle a double address conflict cannotn occur with PRS, even if the failed DP Master is still active on the PROFIBUS level.