Digital temperature regulator AirJet XE

December 27, 2020 By admin


PID, multi-loop
Other characteristics
economical, mobile, auto-tuning
Maximum temperature
Max.: 225 °C (437 °F)

Min.: -75 °C (-103 °F)


The AirJet XE Precision Temperature Cycling System is an air delivery device based on a cascade refrigeration system, and offers rapid transitions and precise control in a range between -75°C and +225°C, for flows between 1 and 6 SCFM. The flexible delivery line permits easy and precise nozzle positioning. Accessory shrouds and positioning stands provide additional control of the testing environment.

The system can be configured to either control the air stream temperature directly, or the device under test (DUT) temperature by means of a cascade control loop. The custom Watlow® F4 Series Ramping Controller functionality includes auto-tuning, ramp/soak programming and remote operation.

Available communications are serial, GPIB, or the WatVue®. The XE has an integral pressure regulator and flow control valve. It can be operated on either a dry (<-80°C dew point) air / nitrogen supply, or on house (compressed) air with the use of the AD100 accessory air dryer. The system is protected from excessive nozzle temperature excursions by a combination of independent over-temperature and low-flow cut out circuits.

Key Features
• -75C to +225C temperature range
• Small footprint – can be rack mounted if required
• Does not require any expendable refrigerants
• Can be controlled by internal or external thermocouple
• Flow rates of 1 to 6 scfm
• Effective and robust Dual Cool refrigeration system
• Quiet operation for use in labs

Key Benefits
• Save lab space with small footprint
• Economical approach for less rigorous applications
• Accommodates a variety of devices under test with 1 to 6 scfm flow rate
• Meets mil spec requirements with -75C to +225C temperature range