Digital temperature regulator ThermoJet ES

December 27, 2020 By admin


Protection level
Other characteristics
Maximum temperature
Max.: 225 °C (437 °F)

Min.: -80 °C (-112 °F)


ThermoJet Environment Simulator is a precision-controlled temperature forcing system that delivers an airstream of up to 20 SCFM to rapidly change the temperature of a product or Device Under Test (DUT).

ThermoJet provides temperature transition speeds unmatched in the industry, and can sustain air cooling temperatures of –80°C at 20 SCFM. It is made with the proven and reliable Dual Cool cascade refrigeration system and does not require complex and difficult blended gases.

The ThermoJet provides the smallest footprint for a floor model air stream temperature cycling system.

• Temperature range of +225°C to -80°C
• High Temperature option of +350°C
• Delivers 5 to 20 standard cubic feet of air/minute
• Temperature transition from +200°C to -65°C in less than 15 seconds -80°C to +200°C in less than 15 seconds
• Reliable and robust Dual Cool cascade refrigeration system does not require difficult blended gases
• Small footprint allows maximization of space usage
• External Device Under Test thermocouple for controlling temperature accuracy at the device
• Configured with no holding arm or mechanical arm for easy air stream placement
• Dry air purge to help protect test site
• Selection of shrouds and boxes to meet your application
• Built in air dryer with oil, water and particulate filters
• Enhanced BTU/watt removal capabilities provided by higher air flow rate
• Effortless change temperature and air flow set points