Thermal regulator with touchscreen Unistat T402

December 30, 2020 By admin


with touchscreen
fluid circulation
Maximum temperature
Min.: 80 °C (176 °F)

Max.: 425 °C (797 °F)


This Huber Unistat T402 with Pilot ONE is manufactured by Huber. Unistats are fitted with extensive safety equipment, making them suitable for unsupervised continuous operation. Relevant operating conditions are constantly monitored and the system is switched off if necessary or with the process safety feature the emergency cooling circuit is activated.
The new multi-touch controller Pilot ONE offers a 5.7″ touchscreen with graphic functions, and a comfortable navigation menu in 11 languages. All important operating parameters and temperature values are neatly displayed on the touchscreen.
Due to the new favorites menu, the one-click operation and the integrated technical glossary the operation is very easy, just like on a smartphone. Integrated USB and Ethernet ports allows connection to a PC or network, such as for remote control or data transmission.