Terminal with keyboard BT200

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with keyboard
display, interactive, monitoring


As a portable terminal, the Model BT200 BRAIN TERMINAL is used in combination with equipment using brain communication for setting, changing, displaying and printing out parameters such as tag number, output mode, and range, through simultaneous communication. It also monitors I/O values and self-check results, sets constantcurrent output, and allows zero adjustments.


• – Online monitoring and communication
The modulated communication signal does not interrupt the 4 to 20 mA DC signais during communication.
• – Common to ail Yokogawa’s equipment
The Model BT200 BRAIN TERMINAL Works with ail equipment that uses BRAIN communication.
• – Easy of use
A large display (21 characters by 8 lines) eases setup and alteration procedures in English prompting interactive sequences.
• – Diagnostics/security with error messages
• – Self-check function
• – Security code protection of setpoints
• – Low battery voltage alarm
• – Automatic power-off
• – Printer (BT200-P00)
Printer prints out tag numbers and other parameters on the spot.
Equipment Spécifications Applicable Equipment:
[Field Instruments]
[Signal Conditioner]
Signal Conditioner for CENTUM
Communication Spécification: Yokogawa original
Modulation: Burst modulation 0: 2400 Hz
1 : Signal without carrier Baud rate: 1200bps Communication signal:
host to device: +/- 0.5 V (load résistance 250 Q) device to host: +/- 2 mA Communication Line:
[Field Instruments]
Load résistance: 250 to 600 Q (including cable résistance)
Load capacitance: 0.22 pF or less Load inductance: 3.3 mH or less Power line spacing: 15 cm (6 inch) or more (Avoid parallel wiring.)