Radio transceiver CMX991

December 17, 2020 By admin


Other characteristics


The CMX991 is a single-chip, high performance, low cost RF transceiver that provides the core functions required to implement a full-featured radio transmitter and receiver.

It operates from 100MHz to 1GHz and its I/Q architecture supports multiple modulation types and bandwidths with a single radio design.

The half-duplex CMX991 integrates Tx modulators, Rx demodulators, IF PLL and IF VCO subsystems to minimise the external circuits needed when implementing a complete RF transceiver chip.

User-selected modes suit different application requirements.

The Tx path includes an I/Q modulator to accurately generate modulation at the IF frequency, which may then be translated to the final RF frequency by an integrated image-reject up-converter system.The I/Q modulator IF output is also made available for conversion to RF via external circuits, if desired.

The Rx path includes an integrated 1st Rx mixer having two outputs to support two external 1st IF filter choices, then an integrated 2:1 input MUX followed by VGA and wideband signal level measurement functions, to support AGC implementation.

The 1st IF signal is then either I/Q demodulated to Zero-IF or mixed to a Low IF output.

The CMX991 provides differential and single-ended Rx output options and differential amplifiers for flexible signal conditioning.