Radio transceiver SCT2400

January 17, 2021 By admin


radio, ISM band, GMRS
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The SCT2400 operates in the 2.4GHz ISM band and offers a comprehensive solution supporting near global usage without the need for complex licensing. Capable of replacing unlicensed PMR/LMR solutions (FRS/MURS/GMRS/PMR446), the SCT2400 offers a rich set of features supporting not only secure digital voice operation but also wireless data capabilities.

The SCT2400 also offers superior operating range over Wi-Fi based digital radio providing up to 30dB of additional sensitivity. Range is further extended using voice coding technology with enhanced error correction that also maintains voice clarity and a high level of voice security under the most demanding RF environments.

In comparison to other licensed and unlicensed PMR solutions the SCT2400 operates on a fraction of the power in both receive and transmit, enabling significantly longer operating times or the use of smaller batteries that allows innovative small form factor solutions to be realised.

Highly integrated 2.4GHz spread spectrum radio transceiver
Range optimized vocoder
Digital voice modes
Peer to peer
Group Call
Data Modes
12.5dBm RF TX power
Single 3V supply
Low power consumption
10mA standby/scanning
52mA receive voice
64mA transmit voice
144-BGA package (10mm x 10mm)